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Why Golf?

Here are 7 great reasons to pick up the game of golf! No equipment? No worries! Goodyear Golf Club has you covered. Call 434-797-1909 and talk to any of our friendly staff members. They will get you geared up and playing in no time.

7) Anyone Can Play: You don’t have to be fast or strong or lean to play golf.  

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes!

6) You can play the game for your whole life.

You’re never too young or too old to start playing. 

5) Safe and Encouraging Atmosphere: Golf teaches a lot of great skills! Truthfulness, reliability, sportsmanship, respect, self-confidence, accountability, determination, politeness and good judgment are all values you learn while playing golf.

4) Create Lifelong Friendships:

Everyone at the golf course shares a common interest: golf. Making friends and learning how to interact with others comes naturally on a golf course.

3) Getting outdoors: Unplug! Come outside and enjoy the awesome view! 

2) Bring the Whole Family: Golf is a game that the whole family can play together. Instead of spending your weekends on the sidelines, you can get into the game with your family, and build memories that will last forever.

1) FUN! The number one reason to start playing golf is to have a good time!

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